Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday Jams #2.19

Huzza! The weekend has arrived! My plans involve a lot of maxin' and relaxin', especially considering the thunderstorms forecasted over the next few days. Truthfully, I lurve a good spring storm. The sound of thunder, the smell of the rain, it's almost like you can feel the ground and trees growing greener. I know everyone always says this about Nebraska, but it is truly wonderful living in a place where you experience all four seasons (even if one of them always lasts too bitterly long).

Also, this is your last chance reminder to pick up a little something for your mama! My parents are up visiting my brother which means I won't get to spend the holiday itself with my mother, but don't worry, we celebrated earlier this week. I also think I knocked it out of the park with my gift this year - my mom loves having flowers around the house, so I got her one of these gorgeous vases from local artist The Object Enthusiast. Isn't her store just beautiful?!

Chad Vangaalen - "Where Are You?"
This song is about as psychedelic as this music video. So find a comfy chair, sit back and let this layered amazing-ness wash over you.

Guerilla Toss - "Trash Bed"
This kind of reminds me of UUVVWWZ but on a bad/good acid trip.

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