Monday, May 5, 2014

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Well that weekend went by way too fast. I felt like I was barely home, which let's face it, was a welcome change compared to being stuck inside all day and all night like I have been over the past very chilly months. While my allergies are settling in, I'm pushing through them to spend as much time outside as possible, and this week is no exception. Kerry and I are hitting up Mark's patio this evening to check out their new small plates menu. I'm already super excited and considering eating very little today so I can truly enjoy every last bite of our meal tonight. Thank god for this time of year.

Oh yeah, and it's Cinco de Mayo! While we lurve Mexican food, this holiday doesn't ever really hit our radar for some reason (I dont' think either or us have a good reason, it's just one that sneaks up on us). Maybe we should remedy that. If you do want to partake in some 5/5 festivities we recommend going to dinner and drinking a pitcher (or two) of margaritas at El Alamo or Cali Taco.

Hopefully you have some plans to treat yourself to some well-deserved outdoor time this week, but if you're currently stuck in an office like us, here are some internet links to help you ease yourself into your day. 

  • It's going to be kind of a quiet week music wise, but this Perfect Pussy show at the Sweatshop on Wednesday is going to be amazing. 
  • I'm feeling like Kerry's back patio needs to be used once a weekend morning for a little something like this
  • Two words - BREAKFAST.NACHOS.
  • Mother's Day is quickly approaching, do you have it covered? Lucky you (we're still scouring for the perfect gift for our wonderful mamas). We think these DIY trophies are pretty adorable.
  • This makes me want to dye my hair immediately. It's always been on my bucket list to dye my hair some wild color, maybe it's about time to cross that one off of my list. 
  • Currently obsessed with all of these bracelets. 
  • Someone get me a time machine so I go back in time to here
  • So, because I'm not sure where I can store my bike at my new place, I'm thinking this might be a good option in the mean time. 
  • Considering all of the rain we just experienced last week, this outfit is looking pretty awesome right now. 
  • I'm someone who always carries a notebook around and these notebooks look mighty cute…
  • In love with all of what's going on here
Hopefully you don't find yourself with a mean case of the Mondays like little Oliver here...

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