Friday, June 6, 2014

Wind Down / Wound Up

Holy geez, where did this week go? I mean, we're certainly happy the weekend has arrived again, we just didn't expect it to arrive so soon.  No complaints though! We've got a busy workday ahead of us but what we're really excited about is the busy weekend ahead of us too. Don't you just love this time of year? Also, can you believe it's June already?! Ugh, where does the time go!

Anyhoodle, as the work week winds down, WO + SF and gang are winding up for the weekend ahead. 

Friday June 6th
  • It's First Friday here in town y'all. If you have the energy, head up to Benson for their festivities and be sure that you stop by Sweatshop around 9 pm for a cake fight. YEP, A CAKE FIGHT. 
  • If you want to avoid the FF madness (we don't blame you), we recommend you go to O'Leaver's to check out our friends Relax, It's Science. Only $5 to get it. 
  • If you want to avoid everyone and go to a place where no one know's your name, we recommend making an inaugural visit to the patio at The Rose & Crown

Saturday June 7th

  • This weekend marks the 40th anniversary of the Summer Arts Festival downtown! Starting on Friday and running through Sunday this Omaha event is a treasure. Walk around and take in the local artistry. Also, be sure to stop by the book tent to stock up on some affordable summer reading options. 
  • After you're done walking around downtown, cool your thirst by heading up to Benson Beerfest.   
  • Have a 90's throw-back by going to see Collective Soul and Gin Blossoms play at the Stir Concert Cove. Goddamnit, I'm just realizing I actually really like the Gin Blossoms. 
  • When was the last time you went to Brother's? I know right?! Tonight they're playing host to a great show - Manic Pixie Dream Girls, Snake Island! and Buildings all play. 
Sunday June 8th
  • Start your day off with a delicious cup of coffee at the new Archetype Coffee located in the up-and-coming Blackstone neighborhood development - aka 40th and Farnam. 
  • Call this good timing. Remember our recent post about our lunch and breakfast experiences at Le Quartier? Well, they just changed their lunch menu and methinks we might have to go taste test it. 
  • We've been talking a lot lately about re-visiting Alpine Inn and today may just be the perfect day to make the jaunt north. 
We've had some pretty gnarly storms this week, and we may be in for some more this weekend, so stay safe everyone! 

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