Monday, July 14, 2014

HBD T. Franc

Growing up I heard, "You are exactly like your father," a lot. I used to take it in an insulting manner, because who wants to be exactly like someone else? My dad, even now, often says, "Man, I didn't realize how much of an asshole I could be, until I had a daughter who was exactly like me." And while that might sound a little harsh, I guess that's just who we are, and we always say it in a laughing matter. 

Now that I'm older, I understand that being exactly like my father means that:
  • I have a wicked sense of humor
  • I love hearing the words "you were right"
  • The things around my apartment all have a "place" (and I go a little crazy when things are out of place)
  • I often throw important items/receipts/documents out on accident trying to get rid of clutter
  • I get angry when I misplace something I just hand in my hand
  • I can bullshit among the best of them
  • Most importantly, I care about people's happiness. And more often than not would do anything I could to help someone out

I've learned a lot from my father over the past 27 years, and I know I have even more to learn from him. He's the only person who knows what I'm going to do before I do it and what I'm thinking while I'm thinking it. My mom often hates when the two of us get together because with just one glance, we know exactly what the other is thinking. There will be no other relationship like the one that I have with my father, Tom, and I cherish every single day that I'm an asshole because of that man. 

So, happiest of birthdays to the man who knows me best, because we're the same person. And the man I have to thank for my red hair!

^^And HBD to the man who apparently let me blowout/spit all over his 40th birthday cake^^

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