Thursday, July 3, 2014

Life Lately...

Here's a look at my last few weeks through the eye of my iPhone---

^^Someone sweet brought me back a rad tee from the Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds show^^

^^My two favorite guys are now my computer background - Roy Orbison & Glenn Danzig^^

^^Kerry got me the best calendar for my desk last Christmas, and the leaf is a love leaf (don't ask), in case you were wondering^^

^^My dad got a brand new car this week in honor of his retirement. It's fucking cool, right?!^^

^^I finally solved the mystery behind one of my favorite houses in Omaha. It even has it's own Wikipedia page!^^

^^Been spending a lot of time on my porch reading lately^^

^^Bebop went to the vet this week for his annual check up and everything went super well, which always causes a sigh of relief from this mama^^


Oh and a little sassy work bathroom selfie

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