Wednesday, July 30, 2014

MF Goes KC, MO

This past weekend, I felt the need to get out of town for a few days, so after work on Friday I made the trek down to Kansas City to visit some old friends and just take a break to reeeeelaaaaax. I rolled into town around 8 pm and met my gals over at Harry's Bar & Tables which has one of the best patios in Westport. Catching up with old friends over good cocktails while sitting outside on a patio are what keep relationships together people (even whent it's 95 degrees out with 100% humidity). 

I stayed at one of my friend's place where I got to meet her creatures -

My only goal for the weekend was to go to Westport Cafe and Bar for a meal and some hang time. This place is my La Buvette in KC, my home away from home away from home. The awesome thing about their brunch is that included in the price of your meal is a complimentary cocktail - a bloody mary, bellini or mimosa. Now THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT.

Next, it was off to the plaza to see my friend's place of employment. Oh boy, was Hotel Sorella nice. We pretty much felt like dirtbags while we were there, but it was really fun having my friend give us the tour and pretend like we were planning this big event (a super sweet 16 is what we decided on) and look around disapprovingly.

You just can't beat the view from the top, right?

Next, it was off to Lee's Summit where my other friend lives. There's an adorable little downtown area with lots of small, locally owned shops. I can definitely see the draw here after spending most of the day in the city. We stopped in at a home-brewing store for a quick drink before getting some pizza for dinner.

Last stop on the tour de KC was back to the city where we visited Kansas City Bier Co. I gave drinking the beer below a good ole college try, alas, I only made it about half-way through the glass before I just couldn't anymore. Beer, why won't you let me enjoy you?

All in all, my quick road trip was exactly what I needed. An escape for a few days with some new adventures while revisiting some old ones as well. I was definitely glad to be back in Omaha on Sunday, but sometimes a break is needed to remind yourself how good you actually have it here, in The Good Life.

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