Monday, July 7, 2014

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Oh boy, was that a weekend. We'll definitely be taking it easy this week, but we're excited because we decided to do dinner at new Mexican restaurant Mula on 40th and Farnam tomorrow night. So, even though Monday is almost over, here are some internet links to help you relax this evening. 

  • We're so excited for this upcoming Hello Holiday pop-up shop at Wallflower Collective. Speaking of which, we're so stoked with their recent partnership with Flunk Life! 
  • Benson Soap Mill makes some super fantastic soaps. Read more about their story and their process here
  • How familiar are you with the awesome powers of Tilda Swinton? Can you match her character's hair styles to which movie the character appeared in? I, unfortunately, did not end up doing so well…
  • Pop over to Kaylah's blog and try your best not to want to immediately hop in your car to head out on a road trip. Ugh, my travel bug is not going away! I think a weekend trip is definitely in need soon!
  • Oh and then there's this which seriously makes me want to be more of a transplant!
  • That Thing You Do! was one of our all-time favorite movies growing up and after reading these 21 facts about the making of it, I might have to run out (to the internet) and rent it.
  • If you're looking for a pick-me-up this week, or maybe if Monday just really kicked your ass, here are 30 pieces of wisdom as found in Judas Priest lyrics. 
  • These photos really will blow your mind. 
  • Yup, all of these are pretty spot on. 
  • My feelings on the upcoming week. 

The state of my bedroom at 10 am on July 5th ---

Sunday's meal looked much better ----

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