Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wind Down / Wound Up

Sorry guys,  I have had a cold all week and it doesn't seem to be getting better. I know, who gets a cold in the summer?? So I'm just now getting around to writing this post but better late than never, right? Here's some ways you can spend the rest of your weekend!

  • Celebrate Benson at Benson Day's! There's a street festival with food and drinks and music and lots of stores have set up outside to sell their goods, including Hello Holiday at Krug Park.
  • Slush and Lunch (cool band names) are playing with the Slowdown AND a sock hop is going on? I'm semi-confused about this event but in a good way.
  • After you check out Benson Days spend your night in Benson gettin' down at Benson Soul Society.
SUNDAY July 27

 Last night I got to hang out on a roof top at 19th and Dodge and here was our amazing view:

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