Thursday, August 7, 2014

Scouring & Devouring Omaha - Mark's in Dundee

These past two weeks have been pretty lovely outside (well fine, they've been a bit muggy too), so we figured we'd take advantage by visiting one of Omaha's best patios at Mark's, which just so happens to be located in my very own neighborhood - Dundee. 

Mark's has set the scene for some really amazing nights in my life - I celebrated my 25th birthday here and my parent's 40th wedding anniversary in the awesome party rooms located upstairs, there have been many holiday lunches with family and extended dinners here catching up with old friends. The atmosphere at Mark's is relaxed. You know you're going to get top-notch service and their wine list…oh that wine list. 

This past week was my first dining experience on Mark's patio. While I still consider La Buvette's to have the best patio in town, this enclosed, cozy area surrounded by flowers and greenery is definitely a close second. My dining cohort and I met for a light meal and some drinks. Ever since Mark's announced their small plates menu sometime earlier this year (I believe?) I have been dying to test it out. We were not disappointed. The falafel sliders are a must have. Fresh, spicy, and filling this was definitely my favorite dish of the evening. The caprese flatbread was good as well. I really enjoyed the addition of avocados on the dish to enliven the traditional recipe. 

We were still a bit hungry, so we opted for the bread spread trio. Oh boy, was this delicious. I'm a huge fan of spreads and tapenades so I pretty much immediately started drooling when this arrived at our table. A sun-dried tomato pesto, herb-feta cheese spread (my personal fave) and of course the olive tapenade rounded out our meal in the best way possible. 

Kerry had just dined at Mark's the previous weekend and had some truly delicious pork carnitas tacos.

On a visit a few months ago, I found my new favorite sandwich as well - The Sophie is an open faced sammie with swiss cheese, asparagus, tomato, a fried egg and all of the Hollandaise sauce one could ever hope for. 

Oh, and if you do find yourself at Mark's, we highly recommend you save room for dessert!

Honestly, you can't go wrong here at Mark's. Their Mac n' Cheese is always a hit. Using four different kinds of cheeses, this dish is truly delightful. I've also enjoyed their Pad Thai and have heard really wonderful things about the Smoked Chicken Lasagna.

Be sure to stop by Mark's in Dundee before the end of summer, so the memory of spending a perfect night outdoors on their patio with great food and drink can get you through the winter slump! 

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