Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Snot Does Maha!

As if I couldn't more amazed and moved by my experience as a band coach at Omaha Girls Rock! camp, the gals of Snot were asked to play their song - which is not just about the stuff that comes out of your nose, but also believing in yourself and letting it drip- at Maha which was just last Saturday! SERIOUSLY Y'ALL HOW COOL IS THAT?! Being able to be there and support these incredibly brave and cool girls was truly a gift I'll never forget.

Programs like Omaha Girls Rock! are vital to our community. As someone who grew up in the "scene" (i.e. going to a lot of local shows) I always felt somewhat displaced, because I wanted to make my own mark, but wasn't exactly sure how to because I didn't play in a band, and I didn't see that many other women playing in bands either. Instead I just lurked in the corners of house shows, the Ranch Bowl and Sokol trying not to get shoved around or have other attendants sweat or pour beer on me. While I do revel in those memories of my past, empowering these young girls through this camp will undeniably eventually have a positive impact on our local music scene here. It will forever change how we in Omaha approach our booming local music scene and encourage everyone, regardless of their gender, to participate and not just as an observer.

I urge you to support Omaha Girls Rock! You can donate either your time or money (or both!) to help cultivate our music scene, which we pride ourselves so greatly on, to a more equal and interesting one.

Snot got to meet our mayor too, which would have been way cool if I possibly had more respect for the lady...

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