Thursday, August 28, 2014

Spike Bearheart & The Destruction of The Greater Dinosaur Population

If there's one annual event my friends and I partake in that always marks nearing of the end of summer for me, it's camping for our  friend G's (now formally known as Spike Bearheart) birthday. As we have done now for the past two years, we packed up and moseyed out to the wilderness - this time with dogs in tow - to a new location, Memphis State Recreation Area.

Each year, we add a new element to our camping experience. This year it was the induction of Sloshball - which ended up being a glorified home-run derby of sorts due mostly to lack of organization and the early partaking of adult beverages.

A returning element was the piñata. In our opinion, every birthday needs a child-like activity like a piñata. This year, we went with a dinosaur, and much like last year, we required that G at least attempt to destroy it with a log. Thanks to Sloshball though, we did have access to a better weapon for mass paper mache destruction.

Overall, our time camping was spent eating, drinking and relaxing, which is exactly what we all needed. This trip also marked the initiation of my very own tent, an investment I've been wanting to make for some time now. Now, being in possession of a tent, I'm really hoping to partake in a few more camping adventures before the weather doesn't allow it anymore.

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