Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rising to meet the Harvest Moon

We know we just posted some thoughts as we come to the end of summer, but we just couldn't help but take advantage of last night's Harvest Moon to talk about some more feelings we're having right now.

As the days get shorter and the sun sits lower, the world seems to slow down. The night's crisp air is filled with that smoke smell from bonfires, you see Oktoberfest beers arriving in stores, you start to crave cider, spices, soups, and all things warm. We've already hit some temperatures in the Midwest that require a coat - and let me just say, this is my all-time favorite time of year.

The new moon brings a fresh start to the season. I can feel myself at a breaking point right now. It's time to really sit down and make plans for the future, and that can be rather scary. The longer you're in a job, a lifestyle, a relationship, the easier it becomes to rely on the comforts of these amenities.

I think it's common to fear the known, rather than the unknown. I've hit a point in my late-20's where I've done what was expected of me - I graduated college, I found a corporate job, I was promoted in the corporate job, I opened a 401k, etc. but when I think about who I want to be in the future, I'm pretty sure that person won't be working in a typical 9-5 job in an office, and I don't even think that person will be living in Omaha, Nebraska.

Right now, I don't think my biggest fear is change, but rather that nothing will change. That I'll miss my opportunity to do what I really want to do and be who I really want to be. Life throws us a variety of curveballs that can take focus away from our end goals even when they are in sight. The full moon last night reminded me that even though we can, at times, be distracted from becoming the people we are supposed to be, there is always a fresh start ahead. There's always an opportunity for change if you seek it.

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