Thursday, September 18, 2014

Scouring & Devouring Omaha: One of the Best Patios in Benson (And We're Professional Patio Dwellers)

This week is one of our favorite weeks of the year - Omaha Restaurant Week! Ending this Sunday, be sure to check out the list of great participating restaurants whose pre-fix menu ranges from $20 - $40 for a three course meal (and sometimes drink included). Because we're women of habit, we ended up back at Benson Brewery to try this year's delicious looking options.

Last night's weather was too perfect not to enjoy the brewery's patio (now arguably one of our favorite patios in town). As with our experience last year at Benson Brewery, the food was great, but the service and timing was definitely off. There didn't seem to be a dedicated server outside which caused for some long wait times. Waters didn't come out when we asked for them multiple times, and we saw some tables wait up to 10 minutes before a server even got menus to them. Needless to say, if you want to dine at Benson Brewery, bring your patience with you.

Kerry and I are planners (and we seriously love eating), so we pretty much already knew what we wanted to order by the time we arrived. We were a little disappointed that three of their beers weren't available - especially their French Kiss, a saison that definitely sounded amazing to this non-beer drinker. The waitress tried to recommend some beers for us, but after listing off pretty much everything that was on the menu, we chose two beers we hadn't tried before, an Irish Red Ale and Belgium. 

Wednesday night is also Acoustic Night out on the patio, so our meal was highlighted by the sounds of Brad Hoshaw. It was the perfect night to be outdoors. There was no wind in the air, but it was still cool outside. As the sun began to set, the string lights provided a whimsical feeling which I feel is often lost in Benson (since there are so many drunk hooligans around). Seriously, I can't tout this patio enough. Get there over the course of this next week. Or better yet, drop everything you're doing and head there immediately. 

Now for a look at the food. This grain basket with beer cheese dip was amazing. Seriously, delicious. The poutine fries were good too, however the entire dish could have been a little hotter. At first, I didn't think the gravy had enough flavor, but the more we dug into it, the more the rich, salty flavors came out. Oh and the huge cheese curds found in it weren't bad either :)

Kerry's opted for the steak and frites as her entrée. She said the meat was super tender, but the green beans definitely could have been cooked longer and a little more salt. 

I got the burger (duh) which was slathered in blue cheese and a bacon jam that was deelish. This was probably one of the most tender burgers I've ever had, I'll definitely be going back for this one. 

Oh and dessert!! It felt a lot like fall with this pumpkin cheesecake (droooooool) and the chocolate torte was dense and rich with delicious whipped cream. 

Here's looking at you Benson ----

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