Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tex-Meg: An Adventurous Tale of Danger, Heat, Sweat and Leather Part I

Summer vacations man, aren't they the best? I just had the pleasure of spending the week with my dear friends Samantha and Matt down in Austin, TX (where things are pretty darn weird) for some much needed R&R. Over the course of the next week or so, I'm going to walk you through my vacation so pop some popcorn and strap yourself in, because this vacation slideshow is about to start.

I visited Austin a little over four years ago in March of 2010 for SXSW. While traipsing around the city seeing live music and trying to snag as much free beer as possible, I knew my next visit down to Austin would be much more low-key (and by low-key I mean I simply wanted to eat as many tacos as humanly possible). Not only did I eat my weight in tacos, but I also saw a lot of Austin's sights and definitely heard a lot of its sounds.

Austin isn't a place that's lacking artistic endeavors, so when doing my research on must-do's in town, I came across the Baylor Street Art Wall which is a graffiti park and a pretty amazing sight. As you move and climb through the massive, colorful structure, you see the past of those who had come before you through the lasting figures, phrases and icons. We climbed to the tip tip top of the wall which overlooked the entire city. Even through the sweat (there was a lot of sweat that went into this trip) this pit stop was worth it.

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