Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tex-Meg: Bat City & Mas Tacos

When I heard there was a "Bat Bridge" in Austin, I was intrigued to say the least. I mean, how could Austin get any weirder?? Not only is the Bat Bridge a real thing, it's a sight to be seen. We arrived at the bridge early enough to scope out a good spot underneath, where I thought we'd get the best view of their nightly departure to feast (seriously, how metal does that sound?). As we patiently waited, more and more weirdos like us gathered to view their ascent. The sun began to set and the tiny squeaking from under the bridge became more predominant. It was clear the bats were gearing up to finally make their appearance. From the far side of the bridge, they began to soar out. Like a domino-effect (due to their sonar hearing I assume) more and more appeared in a sequential order out from under the bridge arches, making it all the way down to where we were standing. The bird's eye view from the chartered boats out on Lady Bird lake were probably the worth the ticket price, however I think I would have had a panic attack watching all of those bats fly right at you.

If you find yourself in Austin from the months of March to November, you must check out this amazing sight. 

After watching the bats, we walked around the rest of the area to catch the sunset. We rewarded our valiant efforts with tacos at Veracruz and whiskey at The Grackle. All in all, it was yet another perfect Austin evening.

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