Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tex-Meg: The Eternal Climb Up Mount Bonnell (Sweating Ensued) and a Sunset Obsession

Some Austin views are weird, whereas other Austin views are just beautiful. One sweltering evening around the golden hour my Texas hosts and I trekked up to the highest natural point in Austin - the Mount Bonnell viewing platform - which overlooked not only the downtown skyline, but also the mighty Colorado River. The view was just magical. That's literally the only way I can describe it. There's something about the sunset that is so marvelous and enchanting to me. I hope to one day live on a massive hill where I can sit outside with a glass of wine and a book and watch the sun set every single night. One can dream right?

After watching the sunset, we traveled down to the Hulu Hut where we enjoyed nachos and margaritas on the lake. A pretty perfect evening if you as me.

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