Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tex-Meg: There Had To Be a Post Involving Cats & Dogs

If there's one thing you can say about us and this blog, it's that we are animal lovers. We also try to surround ourselves with folks who feel the same. Growing up with a doggy made me a bonafide dog person from the getgo - however when my dear friend Samantha and I went down to the humane society to pick out/up her companion George, I knew I would be a dog lover for life. The great dog vs. cat argument is one that will polarize the masses likely until the end of time, and while we're animal lovers all around, we may be a little impartial to our canine companions.
While I was corresponding with Samantha about activities we could partake in down in Austin, she sent me a link to an art exhibit called "In the Company of Cats and Dogs" which was showing at the Blanton Museum of Art. Obviously I was sold.
The special exhibit was broken up into categories which were interesting to consider when you think about the impact animals have on our daily lives now and the history which has passed. The categories included cats and dogs as featured in religious artwork, as hunters, as being abandoned, in literature, and as domestic companions. It wasn't until I walked through this exhibit that I realized how many different roles cats and dogs have played in our world. Which of course points to the argument that no man is an island, because that island needs a pet.

Outside of the special exhibit, the rest of the Blanton Art Museum was wonderful to walk through. There's always something so relaxing to me about the calm and quiet that you find in a museum. It's not just about the beauty that surrounds you, but also the ability to be introspective about the pieces, and on a larger scale, how art can impact your daily life. 

This piece below was particularly interesting and I feel like my photos don't do it justice. It's a huge room and the floor is covered in pennies, while the light from the ceiling is coming from bones. Pretty rad.

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