Friday, September 5, 2014

Wind Down / Wound Up

Aahhh, dear, sweet Omaha, how great it feels to be back with you and your cool weather. Not having to change in the middle of the day because you sweat through your clothes is a luxury I will not be forgetting anytime soon. Austin, you were lovely to visit, however you just can't compare to Omaha #sorryaboutit

After relaxing all day, I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of my Omaha social life. This is going to be a great weekend too, have you looked at that forecast recently? #swoon

Even with the hash tagging, here's a look at what's going on in this wonderful town of ours this glorious weekend. As the work week winds down, WO + SF and crew are gearing up for the weekend. 

FRIDAY September 5th

  • We have been huge Azure Ray fans since high school and still follow the gal's solo careers. Tonight at the Saddle Creek shop you can catch Orenda Fink performing songs off of her latest album and get a signed record, how cool! 
  • Gear up for a ruckus of a night up in Benson. It's Benson First Friday - be sure to stop by Sweatshop and Petshop for their art gatherings - then head up the street for Jake's annual Block Party featuring the musical stylings of Icky Blossoms and Snake Island! Do yourself a HUGE favor and head over to the Barley St. Tavern to check out Huge Fucking Waves - probably the best surf rock band I've seen in a long time featuring members of Snake Island!
  • We'll likely avoid the above because there's a rad as f*ck show at Brother's Lounge tonight. Do yourself a favor and catch STNNNG perform. Only $5 y'all.
SATURDAY September 6th
  • You'll probably want to take it a little easy today after the night just you had. Head to Bronco's or Don & Millie's for some comfort food to help heal the state you're currently in. 
  • It's game day y'all. We're pretty out of the loop when it comes to where to go to catch the game and the other football related activities, but hopefully you find yourself in a safe environment where there's plenty to drink and plenty of dips to be had - oh and some lil' smokies as well. 
  • Mula in the Blackstone District (40th and Farnam) just got a pretty great review in the OWH. Check out our review here and if all of that reading gets your taste buds rolling, check them out for dinner tonight. 
  • Barcamp is a local event we've always wanted to check out, but for some reason never have. For $15 you get to hear some real interesting folks talk about some pretty rad topics.
SUNDAY September 7th
  • Treat yourself to a nice brunch out, maybe at Dario's?
  • There's a classic car show today at Midtown Crossing from 10 - 2 that sounds pretty rad. 
  • As summer winds down, why not relax on one of Omaha's patios for the afternoon with a good book and maybe some good company? May we recommend, La Buvette, Krug, or even O'Leaver's for your liking?
When I returned from Austin, there was a very lovely boy who brought me a ridiculous amount of flowers and when he told me how much he had missed me, my initial response was to burp in his face. I do romance real well folks.

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