Thursday, October 16, 2014

All Dem Bones

As I mentioned earlier this week, I recently took a trip down to my old college stomping grounds and while I was on campus, I took a little pit stop to the University of Nebraska State Museum. I think most of us who were raised in Nebraska are familiar with this attraction thanks to a common fourth grade trip to the state's Capital.  I specifically remember this day in my past because my dad took the day off of work and volunteered as a chaperone, which really wasn't his cup of tea. He did it though because he knew I would enjoy it, and I certainly did. 

There's a lot of goofy and spooky things to see throughout this museum and there is certainly no lack of bones present. If you ever find yourself in Lincoln and have some time to spare, skip the O Street bar tour (or just postpone it an hour or so) and head down to campus to say 'Hi' to all those mammoths. 

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