Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday Jams #2.41

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing 20,000 Days on Earth, the new genre/documentary featuring the always elusive and emphatic Nick Cave at Filmstreams. I often have revelational experiences seeing films at Filmstreams, however this particular one seemed to hit much closer to home than usual. My life feels like it's at the brink of a pinnacle. Where I'm ready to dedicate time to a creative undertaking.  Hearing Nick Cave talk to the force of narrative and how the things we create become these beast only we an tame and domestic was really quite beautiful.

So this week, I bring you two Nick Cave ballads. Two piano driven songs, whose composition is equally delicate as is it commanding. 

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - "God is in the House"

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - "Into My Arms"

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