Friday, October 31, 2014

Wind Down / Wound Up

Did we scare you?
Happy Hallowiener y'all!!
There's so much going on this weekend, here's quick peek at spooky scary happening around Omaha...

FRIDAY October 31st
  • Check out some of these spooooooky nearby destinations.
  • There's a free Halloween party at O'Leaver's which is bound to get...creepy.
  • If dancing is your thing, head to bOo gOo at the Slowdown.
  • Don't feel like braving the crowds of kooky folks? No worries - go to Filmstreams where you can see a double feature of Blood for Dracula and Flesh for Frankenstein.
  • Secret Weapon is a great cover band, so if you want to get down to some sweet tunes, head to The Waiting Room tonight.
  • You'll find Meghan up in Benson (yes, she's braving the crowds) at Reverb where some of her friends - Noah's Ark Was a Spaceship and See Through Dresses - will be playing spooky covers of songs.
  • If you find yourself up in Benson, Beercade is turning their basement into a nerd dungeon or something and games down there are free starting at 9!
  • The Sydney in Benson is also hosting some Halloween festivities with DJ Dave Goldberg and a costume contest where you can win a $50 bar tab! Use is toward future Soul Nights!
  • Our typical spot on Halloween is Brother's Lounge, but with the lack of the Misfits cover band this year, we're still mourning the loss. However, if you want to keep your tradition going, Ron Wax is a fantastic band that you certainly won't be disappointed in. Be sure to dress up because they have a costume contest where you can win a $50 tab! Kerry actually won the year she dressed up like the Statue of Liberty!
SATURDAY November 1st
  • The only thing on your agenda today should be eating candy and drinking lots of water. If you're up to it, treat yourself to a nice breakfast. I plan on being horizontal all day and possibly building a blanket fort of warmth.
SUNDAY November 2nd
  • There, don't you feel well rested? If you want to do some online shopping today, we recommend hitting up Hello Holiday and using code NOVEMBER to get 20% off, ending today!

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