Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Morning Meditation

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday Jams #2.48

Miniature Horse - "North Wind"
Rachel Tomlinson-Dick, simply put, is amazing. I had the privilege of working with her at Omaha Girls Rock and I just can't say enough nice words about her and her music. 

Anna McClellan - "Midnight Storm"
Yes. Yes. Yes.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Wind Down / Wound UP

Ok, who out there is still is a state of lethargy thanks to Thanksgiving and Secondsgiving? We slowly raise our hands. While I spent the day avoiding the madness that is Black Friday, I'm ready to hit the town tonight and this weekend. God bless you four-day weekends. You're the tits. 

So as this holiday week winds down, WO + SF and gang are wound up for the beautiful adventures ahead. 

FRIDAY November 28th
  • Hey, heeey, there's a free show at O'Leaver's tonight - New Lungs play at 10 pm.
  • I was super surprised yesterday when multiple members of my family asked why Macaulay Culkin was coming to town and what was up with this pizza band. It looks like the show finally sold out, but The Pizza Underground (and more importantly Har Mar Superstar) are playing up at The Waiting Room tonight
  • If you've been hitting it a little too hard lately, take it easy tonight at a low-key place like Pageturner's Lounge. We were just there last night and let us remind you, when it's cold outside and you've been spending too much time with your family, a quiet night at a lounge is pretty great. 
SATURDAY November 29th
  • Local group Handmade Omaha is hosting a craft bazaar at the Bancroft Street Market from 10 - 4 today, so get your Small Business Saturday on by supporting some great local businesses. 
  • Speaking of Small Business Saturday, if you're going to go out shopping today, we suggest you check out some of our favorite local spots - Hello Holiday just opened a store in Dundee, Paperdoll, Lion's Mane Vintage, Almost Music and Solid Jackson Books in Benson are some great spots to find those truly unique gifts for everyone on your list. I also just visited a neat store behind Liquid Courage on Pacific St. called The Conjure Shop. If you're wanting to get in touch with your spiritual or holistic side, this is the store for you. 
  • DUDES IT'S GOING TO BE GORGEOUS OUT TODAY. We highly recommend that once that sun goes down you head downtown to the Gene Leahy mall to see those wonderful holiday lights
  • If you haven't visited Benson's newest music venue - Reverb - by now, tonight's a great night to venture out because See Through Dresses and Oquoa are playing at 9 - $8 cover. 
SUNDAY November 30th
  • Take in today y'all, because going back to work tomorrow is going to be rough. It always is. Spend a few quiet hours with a book in a warm environment like Caffeine Dreams or Blue Line Coffee. Make yourself a nice meal, take a few extra minutes to prepare things for Monday morning so you're not running around like a mad person. Take a bath. Trust us, take a bath.  
And now that we're past Thanksgiving, I think this is finally appropriate - 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

On Second Chance(s)

There are few pleasures in Omaha that I regularly indulge in for my own sanity. This list includes any time spent at La Buvette, browsing art at the Joslyn, enjoying the cheese plate at The French Bulldog, and hunting for hidden treasures at one of my favorite antique store in Omaha - Second Chance Antiques

The store recently moved from it's location on Jackson Street to 14th and Harney, right next to Wilson & Washburn.  While I might not like it as much as I did their last location, there are still plenty of gems held within these walls. So if you ever find yourself in the downtown area, stop in to Second Chance Antiques and walk out with something vintage and unique for your home or self. 

Also be sure to stop in downstairs where there's oodles of vintage coats and other cloths and accessories!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Oh boy, are we excited for this short holiday week.  We're definitely in the holiday spirit after attending our annual Spanksgiving celebration yesterday. Now all we have to do is get through the next few days and then it's time for some major maxin' and relaxin'. To help you get through the next few hours at least, here are some internet links to distract yourself with...
  • While this is a short week, there's still a lot going on in our humble area. First, you're definitely going to want to head to Dundee this Tuesday for the opening of Hello Holiday's retail location. We already have an addiction to their online retail site, so a store opening within less than 10 blocks of where we live is pretty rad…and pretty dangerous for our pocket books. Also on Tuesday, you'll likely find me at Midtown Art Supply checking out Twin Peaks
  • If you're not watching the new season of The Comeback, you're doing it wrong and we suggest you hop on HBO GO as soon as possible to remedy that. 
  • Hmm, I actually might me interested in starting a project like this. Time seems to slip by so quickly, it might be nice to have more documentation of where it went. 
  • Our favorite part of this season? COATS
  • I also love this time of year because it means that I get to pick out new calendars for the year. I think this may be the winner for my home (yeah, I buy multiple calendars a year). 
  • Well Amy Adams is simply delightful
  • Is it bad that I want to buy myself a gift card to here so I can get some laptop twinkle lights? How festive! 
  • All of these animal prints are goddamned adorable. 
  • If only I was so clever to use these
  • Oh, yum, yum, yum, yum

Oh. Hai.

Did you miss us?

That break was unintended, but much needed. As we near the holidays, everything has been pushed into hyper-speed. With the daylight dwindling, we haven't been particularly inspired to publish posts at our usual speed (or at all, really) and instead took to a life filled with work during the day and a pantless existence under blankets, next to our pups at night.

If you've been reading blogs as long as we have, you know this lack-of-post-inspiration is inevitable. It's easy to burn out on the idea that everything should be so creative and beautiful when life isn't always filled with creativity or beauty.

But we're back. With a fresh perspective.

So here's a peek at what we've been up to these past few weeks...

Lots of comfortable moments on the couch have been had. 

A trip to the Joslyn is always good for the soul. 

Sometimes you gotta break free. The photos above are from a spontaneous trip taken to KC right after I finished taking the GRE exam.

In preparation for said GRE exam, a bloomin' onion was had.