Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holidaze in Omaha: We're Going Off the Rails on a Holiday Train

Yeah, you didn't think I could make an Ozzy pun about the holidays huh? Well, I just did. boom.

There are some Omaha attractions that are just fundamental and The Durham Museum is one of them. I've driven by thousands of times trying to find a parking spot on the 10th street bridge, but actually walking into The Durham is like walking into a past era. Art deco is alive an well here and right now is a wonderful time to visit because they host a variety of holiday-related events (during my visit, I was surprised to see all the families there on a weeknight and then slowly experienced the somewhat terrifying revelation that I had chosen to go on Family Night with Santa).

Santa-madness aside, I had a truly lovely time experiencing the holiday cheer and trains and exploring the history of Omaha.

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