Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mad Stash

I always feel bad for folks who have birthdays in late December. I guess this pretty much sums up why.  My dear friend Bethany's birthday is this weekend and I decided that this year, I would give her something that represented and appealed to her secretive, enigmatic side. 

During my annual "this is the year I'm going to make everyone handmade gifts" search, I came across these simple instructions to follow for a keepsake/stash book. The gift seemed too good to be true. I had to test it out on a book that I already had - lord knows I have enough books at my fingertips. 

I picked up this very ridiculous book during a recent trip to The Antiquarium, and I figured it was as good as any to test out this process. Elmer's glue seems to be more than fine to coat the outside of the pages and to connect the last page and the back of the book. It's a pretty thin book so it took me practically no time to "gut" out. The one thing that I would do different is spend more time getting those inside edges clean. My first attempt here is pretty rough, not particularly gift-worthy, so I plan on heading out later this week to get a thicker book for my actual gift to the birthday gal. That way more secret and stash-worthy gifts can fit in the book itself too (I'm thinking little bottles of liquor and other things of a naughty nature). 

This makes for a perfect last-minute gift in case you find yourself scratching your head for someone on your list. 

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