Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2014 In Review

I totally realize that it's the last week of January, but we figured with our break and our three year anniversary coming up on Feb. 1, now was a more than apt time to take a look back at last year and all of the shenanigans we got ourselves into.

In 2014 we published 322 posts. We were solid in our posting scheduled up until November and December due to the holidays, graduate school applications, a break-up and some much needed vacation time away from writing.

In 2015, you can expect some of what you've come to expect from us in the past, but we really want to focus more on why we started this blog in the first place - our love of our home and current town: Omaha.

In January we rang in the New Year by doing 1,000 things like having fondue with our friend Becky,  it was a fantastic start to the year. I wished Bebop a happy sixth birthday. I went and saw The Punk Singer which totally rejuvenated me when I was in a funk trying to make my new apartment my home. Hearing Kathleen Hanna talk about the importance of women's bedrooms really hit home for me, and I shared where my bedroom was at the time (geez it's changed so much!). I won a chili content for 'Most Original Chili' at my office using this chili recipe. I played around with hair chalk. We made what was possibly the world's most delicious quiche. Before the month ended, I attended one of my favorite annual Omaha events, the flower festival at St. Cecelia's (funny, as I'm writing this I just attended the flower festival for the third time, look out for that post coming soon!). 

February was brutally cold, but we still stayed fairly busy. I has a wonderful meal with my folks at Pitch (always fun to take my parents out to eat in my neighborhood). We spent a Saturday morning/afternoon enjoying brunch at Le Bouillon and then taste testing oils at Vine + Branch. I high-fived a bunch of strangers at a Creighton basketball game. Most notably, we were featured in an article highlighting Omaha's best Valentine's Day spots in Omaha in Her Family magazine! Later in the month, we posted about how we spent Galentine's Day together in the most romantic way two friends possibly can. At the very end of the  month, I traveled to Lincoln with my good friend Bethany, where we ate at one of my favorite local spots and saw an awesome show courtesy of Man Man. Oh, and we drank a lot of whiskey (but that's usually a give-in).

March was beautiful! We enjoyed some warmer weather, which meant we were hitting our patio game pretty hard. I brought a new live thing into my life to spruce up my apartment (and it's still in my life today). I enjoyed some very sweet early mornings and sweet nights alone. Fuck reading this again makes me want to go get some curry fries immediately. Oh, and then go pick up a loose-meat sandwich. Eh, maybe I should just stay in and make homemade spaghetti and meatballs again. I shared a story about my rad grandpa and his personal collection of insulators.

In April Kerry celebrated her anniversary with dear Oliver Joseph Jones. I gave my apartment a little spruce.  We brunched at Dario's, ate a lot of delicious bread from Great Harvest Bread and christened Kerry's patio! I celebrated Earth Day in Elmwood Park with my friend Laura. Probably the favorite part of the month was taking a small road trip to Macedonia, IA where my grandmother's family was from. Oh, and then my absolute favorite time of year comes when the world is a-bud with new spring colors

Oh God, reading these posts about everything we did in May is really bumming me out right now, because I wish it was this time of year already! We ate a lot this month. Kerry hosted an awesome Game Night, we ate awesome homemade pizza and made brownies with a healthy kick, had TACOS also, (more quiche) and made biscuits. We celebrated dog mother's day the only way we know how. I had an awesome time tasting the wines of Nebraska one windy spring day. I wrote an ode to my neighborhood and visited a great new pastry, bread, breakfast spot in Le Quarier.

In June I developed my first disposable camera to some pretty fantastic results. I stopped at the Danish Windmill on my way up to see my dear brother in Minnesota. WE GRILLED. I laid out my retirement plan. We went and poked around the Summer Arts Festival downtown. We ate Mexican food at one of my favorite spots in Omaha.

July always ends up being one of my favorite months of the year. We actually had a pretty mild summer which was very welcome. I kept the window in my bedroom open all day and night and right now as I'm writing this, I'm realizing how much I miss the smell of fresh air in my home :(. On the blog, we made shrimp kebobs, shot off some fireworks, ate at Mula in the new Blackstone District in Omaha, spent a wonderful evening at the Joslyn Art Museum, and I even got back on my bike! I capped off the month with an impromptu trip down to see some friends from high school in Kansas City.

Well August ended up being extremely busy, but extremely fun! I had the ultimate honor of volunteering as a band coach at Omaha Girls Rock! camp and the experience was completely life changing. Seriously, even today, so many months later, I still find myself looking fondly back at the entire experience and my wonderful girls of Snot! When you work hard, you play hard (meaning lots of wine was had, especially on this night at Mark's). And sometimes you just have to ride the Radial Raft. More disposable camera photos were developed, we made and ate some awesome dips and coleslaw, and we went camping!! We even dined at Omaha's newest Vegan eatery, Modern Love, and boy was it gooood.

Just when I thought August was the best month of the year, September topped it. I went to Austin, and it ruled. It's pretty much all we talked about here in September. Here's Part I. Part II. Part III. Part IV. Part V. Part VI. Part VII. Part VIII. Part IX. Oh, also, we got our fist glimpses of fall, and it was beautiful (per usual). And even though the weather was turning fall-like outside, we still took advantage of the last days of summer by hanging out on a sweet Benson patio.

There just something always special about October. This month, I wrote more abut a fall visit to Lauritzen Gardens. My annual trip to Brownville was made and I stopped in my favorite place in the whole world - The Antiquarium. In preparation for my grad school applications, I visited my alma mater, UNL, to meet with some professors. While on campus, we stopped and checked out all of the natural history at Morrill Hall. This just so happened to be the most beautiful fall ever in existence. In preparation for Halloween, we carved pumpkins, took a look at Halloweens past and visited Vala's Pumpkin Patch!

November was rough. I went through a breakup and took the GRE which caused an unintentional, but necessary, break. When we came back, I wrote about some of my all time favorite places in Omaha like Second Chance Antiques and Jackson Street Booksellers.

The last month of 2014, December was spent doing cheery holiday things like visiting reindeer at Mulhall's, making holiday cookies, basking in the lights at Gene Leahy Mall, and seeing the massive tree at The Durham Museum. Here are some photos from a trip I made up to Minneapolis which never made it on the blog :/ While I was up there we visited the newly opened Surly MSP location. If you make it up to Minneapolis anytime soon, go here!

And there's a look at how we spent 2014! Thanks to you all for hanging in there with us. As much as Kerry and I write here for fun, as a way to remember our lives as they are now, it's always humbling to know you have an audience listening. So thanks again!

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