Thursday, January 22, 2015

5 Places I'm Going in 2015

This is the going to be the year that I travel. A lot. Hopefully, more than I ever have before, and to these specific locations. Take that 2015 goal lists!
  • Las Vegas, NV - At the end of February, a group of friends over a decade old and I will embark on our first group trip since probably 2006. We've spread out from our common roots (Omaha, Kansas City, Austin and now LA) and decided this would be the perfect time to indulge in an trip of debauchery. We decided to go all in and get two rooms at the ever classy Hooter's Casino and Hotel. I'm looking forward to a lot of laughs, late nights and taking in some incredible sights like the fountains at the Bellagio, a show like Absinthe, and maybe even something fancy like drinks in Ghostbar
  • Viva Las Vegas Feb. 2015
  • Denver, CO - When I saw TV on the Radio was putting out some 2015 tour dates, I figured if they came close to where I live, then I wouldn't be left with any other choice but to travel to see them. Well dudes, at the end of March, they're coming to Denver. As has been documented in the past, Denver is pretty great (plus I'll take any excuse to see my badass friend from Hell, Kim). 

Denver, CO

  • Moab, UT - Ever since I read 'Desert Solitaire' by Edward Abbey as an Undergraduate English student, I've dreamed of camping in Arches National Park. That was over five years ago. It's about damn time I get around to this this spring.
    MOAB, UT
    • Los Angeles, CA - My lifelong BFF love left last fall for sunny L.A. Obviously I need to go see here (and hopefully return with some badass celebrity sighting story).

    Trip to LA
    • Graduate School - Oh, what?! It will still be a few months before I hear anything back on whether or not I'll be starting graduate school this fall, but my applications are currently out in Minneapolis, Boulder and Iowa City. Honestly, even just the prospect of being in a new city in only seven short months is pretty exciting (or terrifying? or just terrifyingly exciting?).

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