Friday, January 23, 2015

Wind Down / Wound Up

One tradition we won't be dropping anytime soon is our weekly Wind Down / Wound Up post because, well, WE LOVE THE WEEKEND (oh, and I guess our city isn't so bad either). I'm definitely welcoming the nearing end of January. 2015 got off to a somewhat rocky start, but for some reason I've actually found a lot of solace in everything that has happened this month. That being said, I'm definitely looking forward to a much more relaxing February.

With the weekend ahead of us, I hope you're caught up on your sleep, because there are a lot of great events going on that you won't want to miss.

FRIDAY January 23rd
SATURDAY January 24th
  • The Annual Flower Festival is here this weekend at St. Cecilia's!! This is an Omaha event we never miss. We're girls and we love flowers, we admit it. Check out our coverage over the past few years.
  • It's going to be 55 degrees outside today y'all. So find a nice patio to perch yourself on for a few hours either in the company of good friends or just a good book.
  • I know I always say this, but we just can't get enough of our girls over at Hello Holiday. Ever since they opened up a store 6 blocks away from both of us, we've definitely indulged in some much needed retail therapy there. This Saturday they're opening their doors for a 90's girl pajama party. I think that's all we really need to say about it, right? GO!
  • Take your newly French-braided hair out for a punk show at Sweatshop tonight. DUMB BEACH YOU GUYS. Seriously, go see Dumb Beach and grin like a goon at their duel drummers (fine, maybe that's just me).
SUNDAY January 25th
  • I'm not exactly sure what kind of mood this will put you in for on Monday, but Filmstreams is closing out an amazing run of music documentaries with NAS: TIME IS ILLMATIC. Seriously though, I think this is going to be great.
  • Did you guys know there were so many rad workshops being held over at The Union for Contemporary Art? I caught a blip in the GO section of the OWH yesterday about a 'make your own pinhole camera class' so DUH, of course I'm going to RSVP to that (and you should find a class you like too).

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