Friday, January 30, 2015

Wind Down / Wound Up

Hey y'all, we made it! Looks like it's going to be a relatively quiet weekend around these parts and that's a pretty welcome change for us. How is 2015 treating you so far? Maybe you're in need of a pick-me-up this weekend, and in that case, here is some fun shit to do in our town over the next few days ---

FRIDAY January 30
  • It's been forever since I've been to Lot 2 in Benson, maybe I'll take my chances on bar seating tonight so I can enjoy some kale salad and delicious, delicious fries.
  • Then again, I have been hearing mostly positive things about Nite Owl over in the newly renovated Blackstone District. Those veggie sliders are practically calling me name.
  • Just read the description to this event and maybe you'll want to go.
  • If nothing else, we've said it once (or maybe more than that) and we'll say it again - Brother's Lounge is a pretty great place to be to do some leisurely winter drinking.
SATURDAY January 31
  • I've really been trying to enjoy Saturday mornings this past month, (mostly because I'm not going out on Friday nights, which means I'm up earlier than usual on Saturdays as of late), and because of this, I've been having kind of a moment with coffee places. Getting out of your house first thing in the morning doesn't always sound so appealing considering that's what we do five days a week, but I'm telling you, sitting and reading over a nice hot chocolate or latte is pretty great.
  • There are only a few weeks left until Valentine's Day. If you have some free time today, why not spend it making homemade Valentine's for your friends, family and potential lovers!
  • If you feels like seeing a show tonight, there's a computer/noise/metal show at Sweatshop Gallery in Benson tonight featuring FITNESS and Ruby Block.
SUNDAY February 1
  • SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!!!! We just recommend you go to your local dive bar as there are sure to be folks spending the day and evening drinking and eating all of the dips. You might find us at O'Leaver's, or maybe even The Slowdown, but honestly, I think The Sydney might be the place to be today for their chicken wing cook-off.
I can guarantee that I'll write this sentiment in at least one more public bathroom this weekend...

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