Monday, February 16, 2015

In Rapture ((Week of Feb. 16))

  • Think about what you stand for. Your passions in life. Are you living your life in a way that supports these passions? If you're not, read this and figure your shit out in a way that ends in you being positively happy and fulfilled by just being you and doing what you love. (mostly this is a note to myself).
Lexi Lutter & Rebecca Forsyth

  • I've been following the blog Tomboy Style for some time, because I really enjoy it's perspective on fashion and it's throwback to Tomboys of the past. Recently, Tomboy Style collaborated with FairEnds to create these awesome hats and I'm in love with the simplicity and impact of the design and color combinations.

Tom Boy Hats
  • Honestly WTF recently published this little article in praise of the bandana and I can't tell you how excited I am for spring. Seriously you guys, I need spring to be here soon. 
Bandana Style
  • Speaking of which, can we talk about these amazing bandanas from Kiriko

Baublebar Guest Bartender Wendy's Lookbook

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