Friday, February 13, 2015

Wind Down / Wound UP

Friday the 13th. Freaky Friday. For me, it's been a pretty terrible day, so I hope you all out there haven't fallen prey to the 13th monster either.

Superstition or not, there are a lot of events going on in our fair city this weekend. So as you wind down from the work week, get wound up for the next few days off.

FRIDAY Feb 13th
  • Happy Galentine's Day y'all! What a Galentine's Day indeed with this event hosted by Hello Holiday. Come celebrate their launch of their new collaboration with Tuesday Bassen. If you're not in Omaha, don't fret, you can still shop the online collection!
  • Continuing with the Galentine's Day theme, it's a big day in Omaha since MF-ing Sleater-Kinney is here to play the Slowdown tonight. This event has been sold-out for months now, so if you bought tickets back in October like I did, I'll see you tonight.
  • I really, really wish I had tonight free so I could go to Lincoln for this.
  • There's a wine party tonight at Foodbank of the Heartland from 7 - 10. Help support our local food bank and try some new wines!!
  • Tonight also marks the beginning of Omaha Beer Week. So if beer is your Valentine this year, here's a look at the ongoing events in town this weekend.
  • If you want to avoid any major crowds tonight, head to O'Leaver's to see the Sucettes and Well Aimed Arrows.


SUNDAY Feb 15th
  • WHY DIDN'T I KNOW ABOUT THIS EVENT EARLIER?! I love Blatt, Brunch and for this instance, I can even like Beer!
  • I feel like people have been talking about this show, but I'm not so sure who Lights is?
  • The OEA's are tonight y'all! Get ready for the year's most anticipated event that doesn't mean a goddamn thing.
We're going to be feeling all of these this weekend. All. of. these.

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