Friday, February 27, 2015

Wind Down / Wound Up

I know I only worked four days this week, but goddamned am I ready for the weekend. Who else is absolutely OVER this cold weather?! Yeah, I hear you there. The brutal cold makes it nearly impossible to motivate myself to leave the warmth of my couch, blanket and of course a certain 75 pound dog who just insists on snoozin' on the couch too. Omaha, I truly hope this is my last winter with you for a while, because I don't think I can take another.

Anyways, let's drop the sad sack act. It's Friday and as our work week winds down, WO + SF and gang are getting wound up for the weekend!

FRIDAY February 27th
  • We're off to dinner tonight at Lot 2. Neither of us have been in quite some time and personally, I can't wait to order that double kale salad, fries and all of the drinks.
  • There a reading tonight at the Omaha Healing Arts Center downtown featuring Erin Belieu. All proceeds ($5 to get in) will benefit the Central High School English Department, helping them to continue their tradition of excellence in literary studies. So obviously, you should go to this.
  • Restoration Exchange Omaha is a great organization dedicated to educating and motivating the local community to restore and preserve older properties. Tonight, they are hosting a reception at the Pella in the Blackstone District for their conference which will be ongoing this weekend.

SATURDAY February 28th
  • Uh, there's a free terrarium seminar today at Mulhall's! What?! It starts at 11 and you don't even need to register for this gd thing, just show up!
  • From 4 - 7 today there's a record swap at Brother's Lounge where you are bound to find that one record that will change the rest of the course of your life. Seriously. There's going to be some really great shit here. Don't miss out. 
  • I keep seeing my friends post pictures from the latest exhibition down at Kaneko - Fabric of Survival//Fabric Legends - and all of it looks pretty neat-o. I must get down there because they have a piece by Nick Cave I really want to see IRL.
  • There's an all-girl Beastie Boy tribute band (called She's Crafty) playing tonight at The Barley Street. So you should probably just go ahead and see that.

SUNDAY March 1st
  • On a recent trip to Nite Owl, I squealed because I saw Corkscrew opened a location in the Blackstone District. I don't think it will be replacing my eternal love affair with La Buvette, but it is awfully nice to have another wine bar in the area. Today Corkscrew is open from noon to 8 pm.

Please don't give us any attitude, it's the gd weekend.

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