Friday, March 6, 2015

Wind Down / Wound Up

I need this week to be over. I need this weekend like Michael Buble needs middle-aged women. Thank god it's going to be a reasonable temperature. Watch out Omaha, I'm coming at you.

FRIDAY March 6th
  • Hey guess what time it is? First Friday has arrived again. For Benson First Friday information, go no further than here. Otherwise, head downtown, have dinner at La Buvette and then linger on the cobblestone roads between the various art galleries and be sure to partake in all of the wine you please.
  • If you want more free booze, let us recommend this Airbnb, Love Drunk event downtown. These events are usually pretty pretentious (and a little weird) but hey, free beer is free beer, ammiright?
  • RAW Omaha is something I still don't think I get. Maybe if I go to this Grandeur event (their 3rd annual I guess?) I'll get it. Or maybe I won't get it. Maybe that's the point?
SATURDAY March 7th
  • What, there's more Airbnb stuff going on in town today? From 12 - 5 there's some super secret Omaha scavenger like hunt. Stop down at The Mastercraft in the NoDo to grab a Local List map, then hit the streets with your judgments in tow.
  • Bloodcow, Universe Contest and All Young Girls Are Machine Guns are playing at Reverb tonight, which should be
  • If you're in a more quiet mood tonight, there's some good more acoustic-like music playing down at O'Leaver's (be sure to get there early to check out my moon goddesses in Manic Pixie Dream Girls).
SUNDAY March 8th
  • There's an 'Almost Summer' party at The Sydney today. Ok, I'll allow it.
  • ABBA Mania takes over the Slowdown tonight which pretty much rules. Seriously, I've been listening to a lot of ABBA lately, and I think capping off my weekend by seeing this might put a little more pep in my step for next week.
If you feel like doing nothing this weekend, then check out Broad City on Hulu Plus. Seriously, you won't regret it.

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