Monday, April 20, 2015

In Rapture ((Week of Apr. 20))

  • Happy 4/20 y'all. 
  • I was going through some of my coffee table books last week when I became re-infatuated with the work of photographer Toni Frissell. A quote to illustrate my love - "The story of my life is told in terms of photographs I have taken, place I have visited, and people I have met. This is as it should be. A photographer keeps biographical record with every new assignment and the photographer's subjects help shape her destiny."
Toni Frissell
  • I'm not going to lie, this fetish photography is really something.
Biederer Studio
  • After reading this post about Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks (truthfully, a duet I've always wanted to sing at karaoke with the man I love) I fell down a Petty-Nicks hole that I'm not sure I'll get out of.

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