Friday, May 1, 2015

Wind Down // Wound Up

Haiiiiiiii the month of May!! Haiiiiiiii weekend!! Fuck, you are going to be gorgeous and there are so many thing we want to do with you while we have you. So without further ado, as the work week winds down, WO + SF and gang are wound up for the weekend.

  • Looking to add some pottery to your home? Yeah, we thought so. You're in luck because today is Creighton's annual student pottery sale.
  • It's First Friday y'all and you know what that means. Chaos in Benson. However, you may want to consider braving the crowds because there are some pretty good shows at Sweatshop and Petshop.
    • JJ Carroll and Kenny Adkins have established themselves in the Omaha scene for quite some time now. At Sweatshop on Friday night you can catch 5 years of their exchanged 'art mail'.
    • Over at Petshop, there's kind of a spectacle to be seen (and one that's surrounded in mystery) -An Evening with Dr. Jannussos, Supreme Healer of the Volkos. If you want to catch the interactive sessions, be sure to be there at 7, 8:30 or 10!
    • Up at Solid Jackson Books, you can catch the final Fair Use Reading Series featuring MFA works from Creighton graduate students.
  • This is the show that everyone will be at tonight. $10 will get you in at the Slowdown for what will likely prove to be an amazing show.
  • Huzza! The downtown Farmer's Market is back!!
  • Nerd Alert: It's Free Comic Book Day today. Stop by Legends Comic to grab your free comic and enjoy the coffee while you're there.
  • We very much enjoyed Toast Nebraska last year. It's back with a vengeance today and we couldn't recommend you go out to Mahoney more.
  • OH DID WE FORGET TO MENTION THE RENAISSANCE FAIR IS BACK THIS WEEKEND?! I've always wanted to go, and methinks this is the year for it.
  • If you didn't get your fill of art last night, be sure to stop by Watie White's Open Studio today from 5 - 8 pm.
  • If you're anything like me, when you ear the word 'queen coronation' you think, "Yeah, I'd like to check that out"Well, we're in luck this weekend with all of the Cinco de Mayo festivities going on in South Omaha. Read more about them here.
Here's hoping you have a weekend filled with feeling you oats.

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