Monday, August 24, 2015

In Rapture ((Week of Aug 17))

  • I've seen my future, and it is good.
  • I've been thinking a lot about feminism and being a mother lately. Maybe it's due to the flush of first-day-of-school pictures that's filling up my Facebook feed right now (no complaints, it's adorable). I came across this article and thought it to be very insightful. "When I became a mother, I found the intersection of feminism and ferocity — a fearlessness that comes with loving someone more than yourself. Indeed, thanks in large to feminism, I feel entitled to a life that doesn’t exclusively revolve around my children, and as a result, I don’t begrudge my kids for depriving me of things I want to do. That said, all this constant questioning of myself and my value, turned to guilt when I became a mom. Somehow, it seemed that my husband felt entitled to go out and work, provide for the family, and chase his success. Generally, men are raised with this sense of entitlement. In fact, they are commanded to go out and provide. Every dinner I miss, every school performance, every first word unheard, plagues me. I feel guilty when I take on new work (I’m freelance), and guilty when I blow off work to be with my kids. Ya can’t win. And the crazy thing is, most mothers feel this way when we finally open up and admit it."
  • Recently, I went a little nuts and spent a bunch of money at this Etsy shop, but I think these are purchases well made. 
    Gritty City Posters

  • My patch/pin obsession continues this fall (it might be time to start a new jacket already). I'm definitely going to have to invest in Tuesday Bassen's custom heart patch because the sentiment rings so true
Tuesday Bassen

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