Friday, September 4, 2015

As a woman, I encounter men who feel it's their place to tell me how I should live my life, what I can do with my body, and how I should handle my movement. When I point out that this is exactly why I call myself a Feminist and advocate women's rights, I'm always surprised  how often I'm met with a unacknowledged response. In it's place I hear a response that the issues and oppression that face women, does not in fact exist, because you know equality y'all, there's no improvements to be made there, right? 

Whether we're talking about gun control, paid maternity leave, abortion rights, events like slutwalk or even the use of terms like 'Resting Bitch Face', without a doubt, I'll find a man telling me that the issue doesn't exist or that it's so embedded in our society that nothing can be done to change it. 

I'm so fucking over that attitude. 

I've been engaging in more of these discussions lately via social media and as a result, I have been interacting with more of my male friends who tend to have defensive reactions. I'm happy to explain to them that as mostly white men, they have to first accept their privilege in the world as the living majority (as I have accepted my privilege as white) and recognize that there are experiences in this world that they will know nothing about. Because they know nothing about these experiences, it really isn't their place to be defensive or to say how the issues that arise should be handled. To me it always appears as attempt to try to maintain the status quo or belittle the issue at hand. 

I'm not saying that these aren't issues that effect both sexes, but I will absolutely say *most* are primarily female issues. And I will always argue that the moment you allows these  issues to accepted as something 'every one has to deal with' is the moment you give up on enacting any sort of real change. 

I'm not a man-hating feminist, but I need to know that men understand inequalities still exist and that I will fight tooth and nail to let the voices of those who are in the minority be heard. 

See something. Say something.

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