Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Some house projects are more grandiose than others. I knew I would live in a largely DIY space filled with books and vintage wall hangings, because that's very much my aesthetic. Whenever I was at Target, I kept eyeing the fun accent paints they had available. I knew I wanted an accent wall, I had found the right design, I bought the right paint. What came next though was a little more involved. 

I got pretty lucky that I have an artist for a best friend. Not only does she come in handy when you're just talking strategy, she has a lot of tools that help the process. She came bearing a projector (shadow puppets!). We drew the design on a transparency and threw it up on the wall so we could gauge how small or large I wanted the design. Once we had that down, we stared by taping the horizontal line to use as our guide. We made measurements, finally remembered that an equilateral triangle is composed of three 60 degree angles (for some reason, I kept think it was 45 degree angles) and went from there. The following night, we finished one diagonal, and then the final night, I finished the last diagonal on my own. 

Overall, I was really happy with our process. Sure, it took three nights and probably 12 hours total (including waiting for paint to dry for a second coat), but the end result is worth it. It's certainly not perfect, but I revel in the fact that we did this ourselves. With the taping, there are some bleeds I'll need to go back and touch up. I'm hoping to extend the pattern across the entire wall. Right now, it stops right at a door hang. Eventually, I'd like to have the pattern cross the door hang and over on the slim wall to really finish the project. Nothing's ever truly done in home ownership, am I right? 




And a quick peek upstairs to my office/Bebop's room. With the slope of the wall, I thought it would be fun to add some stars to the ceiling. We talked about a few different options, but ended up going with die-cut vinyl so all of these stars are removable. If you're interested in die-cutting any shape, I would highly recommend heading to Mangelsen's where they have vinyl paper on sale and a die cut machine you can use for free! 

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